A new age for corporate sustainability

Properly implemented via deep sustainability, corporate sustainability and CSR are game changers.

They provide powerful frameworks. By looking at questions like,
‘What’s next on the horizon?’
‘How can we stay ahead of the curve?’ and
‘How can we do this better?’, sustainability encourages big picture thinking and innovation.

That creates enduring competitive advantage.

But if you really want to capitalize on corporate sustainability benefits and do exceptionally well by doing good, you have to go beyond the low-hanging fruit.

Many companies have made significant headway on social and sustainability initiatives. Others have invested in developing a cohesive approach and strategy.

Yet, most companies still struggle with good communications, company integration, leadership commitment and implementation. Lots of projects are implemented, but sustainability remains superficial rather than embedded into the heart of the organization.

Mindfulness meet sustainability

That’s where deep sustainability comes in. Think of it as where mindfulness meets sustainability. This is a systems approach to sustainability. It’s a transformative process.

It’s not for everyone. Deep sustainability is for companies that are seriously committed to being at the frontier of sustainability.  These companies want to embed sustainability into the DNA of their organizations. They know that doesn’t happen overnight and that it requires commitment to change and to the process of change. They’re ready to face tough questions and excited to explore new frontiers.

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Companies that mean more actually make more.



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