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What Clients Say
“[Catherine] brings a high level of expertise and experience to the table. She was inclusive and accommodating to the diverse nature of our group. We wouldn’t hesitate to retain her services again.” – Mark Johnson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Communications Strategy

corporate sustainability communications

Struggling with your communications? Feeling like some things could be better?

It’s not surprising. Regular communications are difficult enough. Sustainability communications have whole other levels of complexity.

I have a Masters in Environmental Studies and decades of experience as an environmental consultant and with communications – working with corporations, government,  non-profits and varied stakeholders. I can help bring your sustainability communications to a whole new level.

non-profit communications

More and more people are searching for meaning and value in our crowded, busy world.

Non-profits have those values, yet struggle with fundraising, members, and getting people to take action. Many I talk to feel like a piece is missing. They feel that they’re doing well, but could be doing better.

Are you feeling the same? Do you feel like you could be connecting better with people to achieve your goals? Do you feel like you have some of it right, but not all of it?

I show non-profits how to align their strategy and communications – to connect with your deeper self and goals as an organization. This boosts your effectiveness, takes advantage of the 80/20 rule and makes your organization naturally more attractive to people.

If that sound like something you’re looking for, let’s talk.

Case Studies

Strategic Communications: Playing to Win

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation is a group of conservationists and scientists using research to protect the ecological health of coastal British Columbia.

They asked me to deliver a workshop to their key communications people. While they’ve been reaching people, they wondered if they could reach more and do it more effectively.

The session was so valuable that they asked me to come back the next week and deliver another.

We had numerous thought-provoking and aha moments because they were willing to dig deep. One of the most interesting and potentially ground-breaking for the organization was the realization that they’d been working not to lose rather than working to win. We put the foundation in place for Raincoast to play to win.

But that was only the beginning. In our short time together, we covered a lot of ground. Here are a few things we covered:

  • How to become a powerful brand
  • How to tie their communications to their brand and strategy
  • What they could learn from corporations to improve their communications
  • How to create a clear and consistent brand and tone of voice
  • What call to actions are really for
  • How they wanted to be perceived and how to achieve that
  • How to identify key audiences and create communications that speak to them
Engaging Messaging and Brand Stories: Capturing Passion and Emotion

eHealthPath is a workplace wellness company whose purpose and passion is to improve health by changing nutrition habits. I worked with eHealthpath to create engaging messaging and stories for their brand.

Originally, I was brought in to review a metaphor they’d been trying to develop for their program. The metaphor wasn’t apt and, as a result, was strained and awkward. I created engaging messaging that focused on the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of their program.

One of the founders told me my value to companies lies in “nailing it down” and “writing succinctly” and that I’m able to “capture the passion” of what they do. He added that “thinking fast” and “thinking clearly” are other skills I bring.



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