Everyone, no matter who they are, or how successful, faces professional and personal challenges. The same is true of organizations.

We get blocked because parts of us are out of alignment with our goals. Those parts work at cross purposes to our objectives.

With Inspired Mindfulness, we reorganize ourselves and organizations to stop struggling, moving from forcing things to increasingly working from inspiration.

Inspired (Advanced) Mindfulness uses the techniques and practices of mindfulness – and then some:

  • Uncovering meaning and purpose for clarity and inspiration
  • Dismantling belief systems and the rules we’ve lived by and moving beyond limitations and past conditioning
  • Consciously bringing parts into alignment to stop inner conflict


From Great to Even Greater

Advanced mindfulness isn’t for everyone.

My best clients are individuals and organizations who are successful and have a vision of continuous improvement. They want to uplevel. They get excited about leveraging outside expertise to help them.




1-to-1 With Leaders and Executives

Authenticity.    Inspired.

Feeling more alive.   Connected.

Emotionally intelligent, peaceful.

These are the desires I hear repeatedly from people who hire me.

You want to keep growing in your life. What’s that look like for you? Better quality relationships, communications, new opportunities, becoming a better leader…? That visceral feeling of moving up into ever greater things?

Some examples:

  • You want help dissolving with some difficult emotions: Resentment. Frustration. Anxiety. Irritation. Guilt. Shame. Or thoughts that keep replaying think over and over and over again.
  • You’ve noticed signs of burn out and you know that means you need to do things differently.
  • You want to explore deeper questions of leadership. Retaining humanity and sense of belief  in face of the dilemmas that you confront daily. Keeping true to a vision in a world that says it’s not possible.



Clients frequently ask me for a particular deliverable or product. Usually, though, they haven’t given enough thought to the why they want it and whether it’s really going to solve the problem.

There are lots of reasons for that. Employees are too close to the business. People regularly jump into solution mode too quickly. In large organizations, departments are siloed, operating separately. And most organizations lack the skills internally.

The outcome is that the understanding of the why gets skipped.

It’s a bit like going to the doctor with an earache. You’re in pain and you just want it to stop. A good doctor doesn’t just treat the symptom – the ache – she’ll look for the underlying cause. If you only treat the symptom, your ache will disappear temporarily, but ultimately the problem will return.

An assessment ensures you’ll implement something that’s truly of value. It may seem like another step in the process, but inevitably, it saves you time, money and headaches.

I work with you as a strategic partner to help you think it through, articulate and frame issues and solutions in a way that your entire team can understand and take action on. There’s huge value in taking the time to articulate business performance gaps.

Here’s a bit of what that looks like and the frames I use while accomplishing it:

• Pinpoint root causes to organizational and other challenges
• Simplify the complex
• Apply systems thinking
• Use a higher purpose focus
• Translate universal concepts to specific situations for the challenges you’re facing
• Ensure it’s practical (so much of organizational development is theoretical)
• Break down complex problems to reach workable solutions

An assessment ensures that the solution you’re going to spend money on is:

1). Relevant to the situation at hand
2). Timely – the solution is timely and there’s organizational readiness to do something
3). Fit – A good fit for your organization and culture and goals – and if you’re wanting to hire me further – that the conditions exist for me to be able to deliver great work and that our underlying values match. If you’re looking to hire a consultant, then we also want to make sure that it’s a good connection and a trusted relationship.


Peak Performance and Mindfulness Programs: Generation 2.0

I offer strategic advisement for personal development and mindfulness talent strategies program development.

Mindfulness can be applied to support organizational objectives from cultural health, leadership development to change readiness, agility and resilience – embedding the values and benefits of mindfulness within your organization through strategic mindfulness initiatives.

You may also be interested in assessment: measuring the effectiveness of your training and development programs so that you can demonstrate tangible benefit for dollars invested.

At this advanced level, mindfulness initiatives are as unique as the organizations who put them in place. Please get in touch to discuss your organizational goals and how corporate mindfulness can serve them.


The ‘Why’ Factor: Upleveling Corporate and Non-profit Organizations

This is knowing who you are – your authentic truth as an organization – why you exist, what you stand for and your values. It goes so much deeper than what you do – even if you completely changed your business tomorrow, this would not change. We explore your essential self as an organization as well as how your clients interpret it.

Functioning from your authentic self is a game-changer. It’s the stuff of leaders – as research into leadership has repeatedly demonstrated. Leading from your purpose is the first step to functioning from inspiration.

This is purpose beyond profits. Discovering and engaging your bigger why is transformational for organizations, whether you’re a corporation or non-profit.

Ensuring purpose and values are identified and expressed is foundational work. As you bring your bigger why into focus and organize around your organizational purpose and values, past struggles often fall away. Decision-making becomes easier. Brand identity becomes clearer. Employee and customer engagement increases.

People love the dialogue and paradigm shifts that result.


Creativity, Insight and Innovation for Corporations and Non-profits

Today’s problems in corporations are complex. Obviously, good analytical thinking is an essential skill. Yet, it’s not enough. We need to combine good analytical thinking with strong creativity if we want corporate innovation.

But in our super-busy organizations, left brain thinking is often the default. That’s where mindfulness comes in.

Creativity isn’t like a tap you can turn on, on demand. It’s a pump that has to be primed. Creativity and insight flow from certain brain states (ones that tend to diminish under stress).  When you understand and learn how to access those states, you develop a greater ability to switch cognitive states as needed.

This workshop will teach you about creativity and its relationship to innovation – what they are, where they come from and how you can prime creativity and innovation to show up in your organization. Mostly, we’ll focus on the experiential – stretching the creativity muscles of your corporate or non-profit team and up-leveling you for your current or next endeavor.